After School Programs
@ Brindabella Christian College

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From building LEGO blocks to learning about electronic components, from fundamental coding to engineering and physics, plus loads of fun in creating your own programmable LEGO robots! Join us this term and dive into the world of STEM. 

NPE's LEGO Robotic Program challenges students to define problems, ask questions, and design their own solutions—setting them on a path to become lifelong learners.​ The programs engage students through LEGO® Education WeDo robotic kit, which is an intuitive hands-on solution designed to develop primary school children's curiosity and confidence to solve real-life problems through engaging STEAM projects. LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 combines LEGO elements with intuitive block-based coding and curriculum-aligned lesson plans that make STEAM learning fun and accessible. LEGO bricks, sensors and motors help students of all levels develop concrete and tangible understanding of abstract concepts.


Central Campus: Every Thursday from Week 1, 13 October 

Norwest Campus: Every Friday from Week 1, 15 October

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STEM CLUB - Future World

Our world is full of wicked problems which require a generation of wicked problem-solvers. Throughout this 9-week program, students will learn fundamental concepts from our physical world and be given the skills to tackle current world problems for future generations. Students will investigate a range of topics from renewable energy to sustainable textile production, and even outer space exploration! Following the design thinking process, students will work collaboratively and alternate learning and applying their knowledge in design challenges. Through an entrepreneurial mindset, students will build upon their critical thinking skills, resourcefulness and creativity to define, understand and design solutions to real-world problems.


Topic 1: Renewable energy​

Topic 2: Future clothing & wearable tech​

Topic 3: Electronics for future engineers

Topic 4: Space exploration


Speech & Debate

"The leaders of the future are ex-debaters" (Forbes, 2014).


For those who commit to speech and debate, it offers a lifetime of benefits. Debate teaches how to persuade, how to present clearly and how to connect with an audience. These skills are exactly what future employers will be looking for in their young employees. That comfort speaking in front of others is useful in so many aspects of life, from interviews to school presentations to discussions in seminars.


Beyond the skills built while students are speaking, the preparation for competition teaches critical thinking and research skills as well. It tests and builds that ability by enabling students to see both sides of the issue. Debaters learn to explain their own ideas, support their ideas with evidence and assess sources and viewpoints.


Above all, debating is fun! It gives students a rare opportunity to take ownership of their own intellectual development. A great way of building collaboration and teamwork as well! Come and join us in our weekly after school debate workshop this term!

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