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Customised Group Program: Tailored Fun and Learning

Not just limited to a traditional classroom setting, our Customised Group Program is available at your workplace, home, birthday party or any other venue you choose. The program involves a quarter, half or full-day workshop filled with hands on and fun STEAM and LEGO Robotics activities. We have over 100 STEAM and LEGO Robotics lessons and projects on offer, with each activity crafted to spark creativity, challenge young minds, and introduce your kids to exciting educational concepts, all while they're having a blast with their friends. Plus, we also have the option to tailor these experiences to fit the unique interests and needs of your children.

How does it work?


Organise a group of your child's friends or children from your organisation, pick a venue, and let us handle the rest. Our goal is to make learning during the holidays as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for both you and your children.

Choose from one of our exciting existing topics, or let us help you design one to fit your exact needs and child's interests.

Explore our existing topics

Mission to mars

Embark on journey through space and Martian exploration, crafting rockets, drones, and rovers while delving into 3D design, VR simulations, astrobiology, and the frontier of space travel challenges.

Solar car race

Investigate how solar power is transformed into electrical energy, explore the basics of engineering to design a solar-powered toy and build your very own solar-powered car!

ocean explorer

Dive into a captivating marine adventure exploring biology, conservation, robotics, AI, and 3D design. Craft submarines, underwater robots and explore ocean chemistry, and engage in deep-sea VR experiences.

lego robotics

Discover the world of LEGO robotics, where creativity meets technology. Build, program, and explore endless possibilities as you design and bring to life your own robotic creations, diving into the exciting realms of engineering and innovation.


Get started

Get in touch to explore customised lesson plans and tailor-made programs designed just for your children or group.

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