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Empowering young minds for a future of endless possibilities

The Future Starts Here: Enrich Your Child's Learning Journey with NPE

After School Programs

At New Path Education, we believe that every child has the potential to excel and grow. Our after-school learning workshops focus on the development of future-ready skills in a fun and engaging environment. Through our workshops, we help children develop 21st century skills such as problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. We also equip children with STEM knowledge through project-based learning. With our guidance, we help them to become the innovators of tomorrow.

Brindabella Christian College

Harrison School

Burgmann Anglican School

Would you like us to offer programs at your child's school?

ANU Solar Racing team demonstrated the SOLAR SPIRIT during our After School STEM Club

Programs Roadmap


 Enrichment Programs

At NPE, we offer unique enrichment programs to young children to develop their essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity through a wide range of programs to nurture their inquisitiveness, creativity, arts and scientific minds.


We adopt inquiry-based learning approach throughout our enrichment programs. We provide hands-on extension activities to engage children further in their deep learning and application. Children will be involved in exploring real-world topics and themes, they will be guided and encouraged to research, investigate, and communicate the knowledge and solutions they have learnt in the real-world context!


We are proudly supported by education researchers and lecturers from Macquarie University in our program development to make sure the educational theories and practices at NPE are strongly evidence-based and connected to curriculum.

Technology Programs

Technology has become a fundamental tool in helping us learn more effectively today. At NPE, we provide the right technological tools to maximise children's learning, such as design & create software, 3D printer and VR headsets. They will be trained to use these tools wisely to research and investigate the topic knowledge. 


We also proudly partner with like-minded STEM education organisations to offer unique coding, robotics, 3D animation, 3D design/print and VR design classes to those who would like to dive deep into their programming, design thinking and problem-solving skills. Critical and analytical thinking, problem solving and communication skills will be greatly developed throughout this Project Based learning process.

Our various STEAM programs are designed to be tailored to different age and stage groups. 


Our ultimate goal of education is to inspire and encourage students to apply the knowledge and skills in practice and contribute to the community and wider society. NPE's unique Entrepreneur Programs provide an excellent opportunity to keep children challenged, motivated and rewarded in their exciting learning journey.


We partner with community organisations and corporates to tackle real-world projects as part of our entrepreneur programs. Children will come to understand real-life problems in the community, and, with support and guidance from teachers and coaches, industry experts and corporate professionals, the team will be involved in solving problems together. The 5 stage process include Empathies, Ideate, Prototype, Validate and Test.  We believe children can be empowered to be successful entrepreneurs from a young age as they grow into creative, resilient and socially responsible individuals who constantly seek opportunities to contribute to society. 

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