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After School Programs
@ Brindabella Christian College



Welcome to our ever-evolving LEGO Robotics Club, a hub of innovation where curiosity meets creativity. Tailored for both new and returning students, this term we are thrilled to introduce fresh themes and exciting topics that ensure a dynamic learning experience every session.

From constructing LEGO blocks to exploring the intricacies of electronic components, from coding adventures to a deep dive into engineering and physics - our club has a vibrant array of activities that captivates every young mind.

This term, we take hands-on learning to new depths with LEGO Spike Essential and Spike Prime, carefully curated to cater to students across different levels. The unique blend of our program encourages children to question, think critically, and design their own creative solutions. Watch as your child transforms into a lifelong learner, developing essential STEM skills in the most engaging way.

Our NPE LEGO Robotic Program is designed for collaborative learning in small groups under the guidance of our experienced facilitators. Through this approach, children develop their problem-solving skills, foster teamwork, and exchange innovative ideas.  Remember, new topics and themes are introduced every term, so the fun and learning never stop!


STEM CLUB - Earth's Extremes

Embark on an unparalleled STEAM adventure with our "STEAM Safari to Earth's Extremes" club. Dive deep into the enigmatic caves and scale the icy expanses of the polar regions, all from the comfort of our state-of-the-art learning environment.


Our specially curated program uniquely blends Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics to offer young explorers a captivating journey into our planet's most extreme habitats. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies like VR, AR, 3D design, and more, students will not only discover the wonders and challenges of these remote locales but also delve into hands-on projects, fostering creativity and problem-solving.

Students will meet Antarctica mission experts and gain firsthand insights into life in the frozen wilderness, before engaging in a Q&A session and exploring equipment used in Antarctica missions. They will dive deep into the enigmatic world of cave-dwelling creatures, studying their unique adaptations and using coding and robotics to design interactive games or stories that bring these creatures to life.


With dynamic activities, and interactive experiments,  STEM club promises an enriching experience that pushes boundaries, ignites curiosity, and empowers the next generation of STEAM enthusiasts. 

Speech & Debate

"The leaders of the future are ex-debaters"
(Forbes, 2014).


Practising speech and debate offers a lifetime of benefits. Debate teaches how to persuade, present ideas clearly and connect with an audience. These skills are exactly what future employers will be looking for in their young employees. The ability to speak comfortably in front of others is useful in so many aspects of life.


Beyond the skills built while students are speaking, the preparation for competition teaches critical thinking and research skills as well. It tests and builds that ability by enabling students to see both sides of an issue. Debaters learn to explain their own ideas, support their ideas with evidence and critically assess sources and viewpoints.


We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new program designed exclusively for young minds aged 10-14: Kids Model United Nations (Kids MUN). This program aims to provide a fun, interactive, and educational experience that will empower our young debaters with skills in diplomacy, public speaking, and critical thinking.

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