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Creative Writing Workshop

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

– Anne Frank

Small Class & Customised Learning

Classes are designed to support 4-6 students per group each week. It serves as the perfect blend between maximizing classroom interaction and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Learning goals and strategies are tailored to each class to improve students' writing skills. 

Reading is the Best Teacher of Writing

Our students are guided to read, comprehend, analyse, and evaluate texts from classical stories and masterpieces. Students are encouraged to adapt their knowledge to rewrite their favourites or create their own stories after learning from the masters.

Build Core Writing Skills

Students will develop core writing skills in the workshop:

  • Story planning and construction skills

  • Character development and descriptions

  • Choice of vocabulary

  • Different language features in presenting characters and settings  

  • Skills to think and write creatively  

  • Using imagination through being exposed to a range of stimuli.

Modelled - Guided - Independent

Using a student-centered "Modeled - Guided - Independent" instructional model, our teachers collaborate with students to scaffold their learning and eliminate any gaps in understanding. Advanced students are also challenged at their own pace. 

Develop Writing Confidence

Students will be assigned a writing challenge each week to apply their learning and sharpen their writing skills. Students will develop personal writing habits and become confident writers through weekly take-home writing tasks and individual feedback from teachers.  

Learning with Friends

Like to organise your own group for customised learning with friends? 
Get in touch with the friendly team at NPE to organise a customised learning program that works for your children. 

Creative Writing Scope and Sequence

Session 1: Character Description

Session 2: Setting

Session 3: Orientation 1

Session 4: Orientation 2

Session 5: Series of Events

Session 6: Complication

Session 7: Resolution

Session 8: Moral

Session 9: Language Features

Session 10: Writing a complete Narratives

Additional Sessions available: 

Creating a bank of elements (character, setting, events, morals) to be applied to any creative writing piece.


Image by Compare Fibre


I enjoyed playing the fun writing games in the workshop, they gave me many creative ideas and expanded my vocabulary. 

Image by BBH Singapore


My son says he loves NPE's writing workshop! I could see he was very engaged and motivated in the class. The teacher was extremely helpful, patient and very experienced in teaching.

Girl with Helmet


The teacher is amazing, I would rate his class 5 out of 5! 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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