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First week was fun and full of learning!

During the first week of our winter holiday program, kids have enjoyed their time at our Creative Drama, 3D Design & Print programs.

At the 3D Design & Print workshops, kids were guided by our technology expert and learning facilitator Jacob and Will in their journey exploring the 3D Design world via Makers Empire. Children had the chance to learn about 3D Printing and its application, also had a close observation of 3D Printer and Printing in real life. Children were also challenged to design (and improve) their own products in the 3D Design tool, and they were very proud to present to the group of what their design at the end of the session.

At the dramas workshops, kids had a great time learning setting, characters and emotion through various drama activities, storytelling and acting. Junior kids enjoyed exploring the twisted version of folktale - The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig and learned how to turn story completely different with swapping characters! Senior kids learnt more in-depth drama techniques through literature study- they analysed the characters in the story, learnt how to use body movement, expressing emotion through different voices in the play. They even put on a wonderful mini show "Romeo and Juliet" and "Hemlet" at the end of the drama class!

Our week 2 and 3 programs have now been moved to online! More information to be provided on the website, stay tuned!

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