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Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct and Behaviour Management

The NPE after school program is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and respectful learning environment for all students. To ensure that everyone can benefit from the program, all students are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Respect for self and others: Students must show respect for themselves, other students, program facilitators, and other members of the program community. Any form of bullying, harassment, or discrimination will not be tolerated.

  • Responsibility: Students are expected to take responsibility for their actions and their impact on others. This includes taking care of program property and equipment.

  • Safety: Students must ensure that their behaviour does not endanger themselves or others. This includes but is not limited to physical violence, weapon possession, and drug or alcohol use.

  • Attendance and punctuality: Students are expected to attend all program activities regularly and punctually. If a student cannot attend a session, they must inform the program facilitator as soon as possible.

  • Compliance with program policies: Students must comply with all program policies and procedures, including those related to behaviour and use of technology. Failure to comply may result in the termination of enrolment.


Behaviour Management Approach

If a student's behaviour falls short of the code of conduct, the following behaviour management approach will be applied:

  • Verbal reminder: The program facilitator will provide the student with a verbal reminder of the expected behaviour and its importance.

  • Temporary separation: If a student's behaviour continues to fall short of the code of conduct, the program facilitator may temporarily separate the student from the activity or group until they are able to adhere to the expected behaviour.

  • Parental involvement: If a student's behaviour does not improve after temporary separation, the program facilitator may involve the parents or guardians in the behaviour management process and seek their support.

  • Termination of enrolment: In the event that a student's behaviour continues to fall short of the expected standards, despite the implementation of behaviour management strategies, the program facilitator may need to terminate the student's enrolment in the program. We understand that this may be a difficult and disappointing decision for the student and their family, and it is not a decision that we take lightly. Termination of enrolment will always be considered as a last resort and only after all other strategies have been exhausted.



The behaviour management approach may vary depending on the severity and frequency of the behaviour that falls short of the code of conduct. The program facilitator will always communicate with the student and their parents or guardians about any action taken. Positive reinforcement will be used to encourage and reinforce positive behaviour.

d reinforce positive behaviour.

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