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Junior Entrepreneur Challenge

When young mind makes a big difference



  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Self-management

  • Critical Thinking

  • Innovation

  • Digital Skills

Develop entrepreneurial mindsets

  • Opportunity recognition

  • Flexibility & adaptability

  • Comfort with risk

  • Initiative

  • Determination

  • Persistent


The course is designed in 5 stages project-based learning (PBL) model and delivered in a fun, engaging and inspiring way to help students to achieve learning outcomes.


Harvard and Stanford graduated lead instructor, experienced educator, with a passion to impact children through entrepreneurship education.

About Junior Entrepreneur Challange

Over 8 - 10 weeks, students will design products and launch their very own online store ( don’t worry, we’ll handle the logistics.) This course is designed to be fun, easy and inspiring, while teaching students about the key steps and skillsets for starting an entrepreneurial venture.

To cater to the needs of each student, the program has been developed at 3 levels of difficulty. Students are encouraged to repeat the program, strengthening their skills each time.

In each session, a new concept is introduced in an interactive lesson facilitated by the instructor. Students then put what they’ve just learned into practice in small group, in-class activities, before testing them out beyond the classroom.

Key course elements include:

  • Introduction

  • Learning about your audience​

  • Designing for your audience

  • Pitching for support

  • Selling the product online!

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