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Learning Facilitators @ NPE

Alanna is an experienced teacher specializing in literature and composition. While teaching, she was a National Speech and Debate Association coach that qualified a state team three years in a row as well as qualifying two students to the national competition. She has a bachelor’s in teaching from Indiana University in the United States. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s in education policy and leadership. Her goal is to support students in becoming lifelong learners by creating engaging and responsive content. She plans lessons that encourage critical thinking and empower students to develop their own voices through writing and speaking.

Harold is a Journalist, Writer, Presenter, and Website Editor by trade. He has worked across several media industries including TV, Radio, and Print. Recently he has moved into the education industry where he works as a Learning Facilitator, English Tutor, and HSC Preparation Educator. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and Communication from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in the United States as well as a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Before working in Education, he served President Barack Obama as a Speech Writing Assistant. His main goal is to ensure every student he educates learns something new and above all has fun.

Frances is a creative and technical writer, who holds a Master’s Degree in Arts (Creative Writing) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication (Journalism & Public Relations) . She has mentored youth for several years, and has experience assisting them with English education and life’s challenges. As a writer, she has published a number of articles reviewing film, TV and books for websites and pop culture conventions, and is constantly working on new creative projects that spark her interest. She is passionate about creating enthralling narratives with compelling characters, and loves seeing young people thrive in the arts. In her role at NPE, she hopes to help students express themselves and ignite a passion for reading and storytelling.

Cassie is an experienced writer and artist, and professionally has worked a number of years as a creative workshop facilitator. Her favourite part of any creative pursuit is character creation and weaving intricate, rich fantasy worlds. She is both an avid reader and writer of stories, and is passionate about creative literature and the infinite possibilities that surround it. She loves working with young people in encouraging their imaginations to bloom, and in building their confidence in creative problem-solving within their stories. She believes strongly that learning should be fun and accessible for all, and enjoys employing versatile and educational creative methods when it comes to teaching. She hopes to foster the love of storytelling in young people and create a new generation of readers, writers and creators. 

Ana is a passionate scientist who always loves science investigation and planning new science experimental design. She has taught Science to primary, secondary, and undergraduate level both overseas and in Australia. Dr Ana finished her postdoc research project in the area of Chemistry and Biology at the Australian National University where she did her doctoral studies, specialised in Chemistry and Biology. Dr Ana strongly believes that kids learn Science by instinct because of their natural curiosity and persistence. "We must continue nurturing these skills with critical thinking, problem solving and cooperative attitude so they can thrive in the future. "

Jacob, a Maker at heart who loves technology and science from an early age. Professionally Jacob has worked with IT in the Education industry in varied roles for over 30 years and has always taken every chance to share his enthusiasm for STEAM Education. Jacob plans to nurture similar inquisitiveness, creativity and knowledge through professional yet fun and engaging activities.

Guest Speaker for Entrepreneur Project

Nina, a graduate of Harvard and Stanford Universities, the founder of the Junior Entrepreneur Project. Nina is passionate about entrepreneur education and has experienced firsthand how these skills empower kids to reach their potential. When she was in the US she started up an entrepreneur education initiative and had delivered pitches in many schools. She loves developing kids essential skills through fun projects and has so much to give from her great experience in teaching in overseas and in Australia.


We encourage innovative and critical thinking in everything we do. We cultivate entrepreneurial mindset in our team as we believe it drives and motivates us to continue to improve, look for opportunities, solve problems and create values in the community!

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