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Welcome to New Path Education! We are a Canberra and Sydney based organisation, offering enriching after-school and holiday programs. Our wide range of enrichment programs support children's development in essential skills so that they will be future ready. Each program is specially crafted to nurture young minds through a diverse range of engaging educational experiences. Our LEGO robotics club offers an awesome way for children to learn the basics of engineering, and begin exploring programming, from basic coding blocks to Python. We also offer a dynamic STEM club, with new topics each term, and each week filled to the brim with fun experiments, new technology and other great learning initiatives, as well as our empowering speech and debate courses, helping children unlock their full public speaking potential.


Our programs are not only offered independently at schools, but we also proudly partner with institutions, libraries, and other external organisations to provide exceptional educational opportunities to children of all ages. Explore our programs and join us in fostering a love for learning and essential skills for future success.



LEGO Robotics

Students use LEGO robotics and block or python programming to design, build, and control robots for creative and problem-solving challenges.


STEM Club introduces young learners to various STEAM themes, including hands on experiments and technology experimentation in a fun environment.

Speech and Debate

Our Speech and Debate program teaches students how to persuade,
present clear and concise arguments and connect with an audience.


Coming soon! Contact us for more information.

Equipping the next generation with essential skills to thrive for the future

"Do not go where the path may lead. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Dan, Speech & DEbate program

I enjoyed playing the fun writing games in the workshop, they gave me many creative ideas and expanded my vocabulary

In today's innovation economy, where needs and opportunities are evolving faster than ever before, our children need a mindset that equips them to recognise opportunity, take initiative and innovate in the face of challenge. Research shows that an entrepreneurial mindset not only boosts educational performance and attainment,  but is also valued by many corporate employers. NPE incorporates the entrepreneurial mindset in all that we do, from enrichment programs, technology programs to entrepreneurship education. To find out more about our entrepreneurship education, please click here.

The entrepreneurial mindset is embedded in all the programs we teach at NPE. It includes critical thinking, adaptability, communication and collaboration, initiative and self-learning, creativity and innovation. This is what makes our programs unique. Our goal is to develop children to become lifelong learners and set them up for success in the future.


We have adopted an inquiry-based learning approach in our enrichment programs to engage students in gaining meaningful knowledge and skills. Our program is interdisciplinary and aligned with the Australian National Curriculum. We facilitate learning using STEM mindset and principles to investigate and solve real-life problems. To find out more about our programs, please click here



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